Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Risk Management Bootcamp Malaysia
 is CPD accredited and can be included as part of your CPD requirement should you consider it relevant to your professional development needs.

In order to redeem your CPD points please see a member of the events staff at the registration desk on the day of the training. Or after the training has taken place, please email Davy Wong in order to recieve a copy of your confirmation letter.

CPD is any activity which is relevant to your ongoing professional development. This may be activity which develops your career, helps to keep your knowledge up to date or simply to support your role as a professional in the financial services industry. By participating in CPD it enables the development to be structured in a way that meets your own personal needs, the requirements of your employer and indeed the regulator; ensuring you remain competent and up-to-date as this is the mark of a true professional.


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