Reinventing risk management amidst China’s financial reforms

China's economy had a brutal start to 2016, when regulators shut down trading on its stock markets after sharp declines had triggered automatic "circuit breakers". This subsequently sent shock waves throughout the global financial market. The devaluation of the Yuan has triggered market volatility and created instability across the wider global economy. Chinese regulators are looking into easing the restrictions on financial futures and at the possibility of opening an index options market aimed at promoting financial stability in the country.

Building on its tremendous success in December 2015, Securities & Banking China is returning to Shanghai for its second visit. The conference will feature over 20 leading lights, from a cross-section of China's financial industry, to discuss pressing issues and new opportunities arising from the financial reforms and the explosive growth of the asset securitisation sector in China.

Key conference highlights:

  • Global macroeconomic implications for China's slowing economy
  • China's economic transition in a global context
  • Stock-index futures as a risk hedging tool and its implications on market recovery
  • OTC derivatives and its transition into a new market structure
  • Rising growth of China's asset management industry: opportunity or threat?
  • Asset securitisation and its significance on China's financial reforms
  • How will China address its growing debt risk?
  • Is Hong Kong the gateway for China's capital market liberalisation?
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