'High Frequency Trading: Optimal Algorithmic execution' by Irene Aldridge

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capture-mediumHigh Frequency Trading (HFT)
 has grown into a position of dominance in the global financial system. The pitfalls and complexities of algorithmic exchange remain the core subjects of an exhaustive industry discussion.

Asia Risk magazine is offering a targeted 2- day training programme that passes by broad discourse and focuses instead on the practice of HFT in the marketplace. To achieve this we have partnered with Irene Aldridge, a leading expert and published author in the HFT discipline.  

This premium training course is both practical and research-intensive. The materials are based on real models and thoroughly cover real-life implementation and related technologies. At the same time, the course delves into the most advanced academic research on the subject, and explains its applications. All materials are classroom-tested, and are accompanied by detailed presentation slides.

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The course covers optimal execution in all asset classes trading electronically, while highlighting differences that exist between various markets. Practitioners will learn new models that are applicable to equities, futures, options, foreign exchange and fixed income.

Course highlights:

  • Discover ways to make money from algorithmic execution
  • Understand the distinction between algorithmic and high frequency trading
  • Learn where algorithmic trading profits can and will be made in the near future
  • Find out about the latest technology trends
  • Get a clear explanation of the theoretical side of algo trading
  • Master the latest advances in optimal execution
  • Gain analytical insight into key algorithmic execution strategies
  • Identify the pros and cons of various execution algorithms
  • Learn about dynamic "market reading" prediction algorithms and their usage