Machine Learning in Finance Training Workshop

Moving towards a data-driven finance world

6-7 March 2018, Pan Pacific Singapore

About the Course

Not just another buzzword, financial institutions have been widely applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning across a range of applications including credit and market risk, pricing derivatives, improving clients' experience, investments as well as back-testing models and analysing the market impact of trading large positions. Meanwhile the buy-side firms are also using it to improve investment experiences and at the same time solve limitations to traditional investment strategies. While traditional software applications predict creditworthiness based on static information from loan applications and financial reports, machine learning technology can go further and also analyse the applicant's financial status as it may be modified by current market trends and even relevant news items.

Attend this two day training course and learn:

  • In-depth understanding of machine learning applications
  • Understanding fundamentals of machine learning methodology
  • Learn the theory and practise behind machine learning, deep learning and neural networks, and how these methods can be applied in your organization
  • Gain insight into the latest and most widely used industry applications
  • Get a clear view of ML/AI Capabilities in finance, how they can help you solve problems more effectively and drive your business forward

and join leading risk, finance, compliance, operations practitioners, machine learning experts, data officers and buy-side professionals to discuss potential benefits and risks for financial stability that should be monitored as machine learning is widely adopted across the business.


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