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Welcome to the SAS content hub. This page hosts in-depth reports for financial institutions on topics including optimisation data analytics, making the most of stress testing, and how banks and insurance firms are responding to Covid-19 respectively. 

Learn more about each report and download below. 

Turning Stress Testing From Compliance Tool to Competitive Advantage

Partnering with SAS, Standard Chartered Bank built a robust stress testing platform. It started out as a tool for regulatory compliance and was expanded for assessing the effect of crisis scenarios on its future P&L and balance sheet. The bank has migrated this Scenario-Based Analytics Platform to a centralized and more powerful second generation.

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Best Actions for Insurers in a Post–Covid-19 World

In the wake of the pandemic, insurers are now more than ever focused on “empathy”, going beyond their regular commitments to better cater to customer requirements, promote employee wellness, and provide support to their distribution channel partners. The industry has extended its help in multiple ways, such as launching new “need-of-the-hour” products, healthcare packages, or complementary services.

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Banking on the Right Side of Recovery Post Covid-19

Banks, reeling from the impact themselves, are under immense pressure to support recovery and growth in the post–COVID-19 era. As a pillar of the economy, banks in the coming months will need to make critical decisions as they respond to this recovery and the need for incremental lending from affected sectors and the population at large.

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Data and analytics: Better decisions by the numbers

Financial institutions have massive repositories of data about their customers, leading some industry watchers to suggest that these troves of information may be their most valuable raw material, and perhaps their best defence against upstart competitors. But how well are banks and credit unions using this resource?

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