Asia Risk Leadership Series

Asia Risk Leadership Series

The Asia Risk Leadership Series is a niche group of VIP clubs that facilitate conversations between c-suite and senior level decision makers, with the goal of sharing challenges and exchanging ideas, and to form a basis for in-depth reports and analysis. 

For exclusive partners of the series, it is a unique opportunity to be seen as a market leader, and a chance to nurture long-term relationships with key leaders from a wide range of industries including banks, buy-side firms and corporate firms.

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The CIO Club

The CIO Club is an exclusive membership for Chief Investment Officers. Be the first to hear about the news, industry updates and events on investment management.

  • The CIO Club

Finance and Treasury Leaders

Finance and Treasury Leaders is an exclusive membership for finance and treasury professionals. Be the first to hear about the news, industry updates and events on finance and treasury.

  • Finance and Treasury Leaders

Tech and Data Leaders

Tech and Data Leaders is an exclusive membership for senior tech and data professionals and decision makers.

  • Tech and Data Leaders

Compliance Leaders

Compliance Leaders is an exclusive membership for senior compliance professionals and decision makers.

  • Compliance Leaders

FX Traders Club

FX Traders Club is an exclusive membership for senior FX and trading professionals and decision makers.

  • FX Traders Club

Energy Risk Leaders

Energy Risk Leaders is an exclusive membership for senior energy and commodities professionals and decision makers.

  • Energy Risk Leaders

The CRO Club

The uncertainty for risk managers: adapting to risk environments in 2023 | March 16

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Tech and Data Leaders

Virtual roundtable: Looking ahead for Data, Digital and Technology | August 5

Virtual roundtable: Data focused: architecture, sourcing & delivery | October 7

Virtual roundtable: Tech innovation, ROI and cyber risk | November 24

Compliance Leaders

Virtual roundtable: Priorities, Trends and Developments in APAC compliance landscape | September 6

In-person roundtable: Rising of digital assets and the compliance challenges | November 24

Energy Risk Leaders

Virtual roundtable: Trends and priorities for the energy markets: Navigating markets complexities | September 8

Virtual roundtable: Digital transformation in energy data analytics | November 14-18

Actuarial Leaders

Virtual roundtable: Overview of the actuarial meta-trends | September 13

In-person roundtable: How data and advanced intelligence is shaping the Actuary space | November 23

FX Traders Club

Virtual roundtable: Mega trends for FX trading in APAC | September 15

In-person roundtable: Emerging markets currency outlook | November 24

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